Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5.6 The Road Less Travelled

Summary and Spoilers

Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding, the two deceitful intellectual property thieves that were conned in the season 5 episode New Recruits, have been spending the last few months carefully tracking and researching Mickey and his team. They have assembled a team of their own; people who have been conned by Mickey and Co. Now it is their turn for some payback.

Wood and Fielding have determined that the Convincer – the part where the con allows the mark to win a bit to build up confidence – is the weakest link in the chain. They’re going to dangle a huge reward, then walk away with the Convincer – a one million dollar sum. But Fielding’s team has a couple of weak links as well: one of them is that they are using Alfie, a dim-witted upperclass snob, to be the front man.


We basically know that Mickey’s team is going to triumph every time (although that formula has been broken before in other episodes, and full credit for that). But anyway, assuming that they are going to get the upper hand this time, I realized very early on that the only way they could do that is if Alfie was actually a sophisticated con man who was working for/with Mickey. So they got me…as Alfie was the one person who wasn’t working with Mickey!

A romance seems to be growing between Mickey and Emma. They were just about to kiss – for real this time – when they were interrupted by Ash and Sean.

Hustle Quotes

Alfie (the mark): Survival of the fittest. Never mind, eh pops. Maybe next time.
Albert: You can count on it.

Emma: Have you ever been married?
Mickey: Yes, once.
Emma: And?
Mickey: And…now I’m not.
Emma: Touchy subject.
Mickey: No, no. No, she cheated on me.
Emma: Sorry. So you split up.
Mickey: Yeah, had to really. I beat the guy half to death with a baseball bat and got sent to prison for three years.
Emma: You beat someone with a baseball bat?
Mickey: Why so surprised?
Emma: Um, because it’s quite out of character.
Mickey: [laughs] What, you’d expect me to con him to death?

Mickey: Oh, I’m expecting two colleagues to join us. Please have them shown through when they arrive.
Accounts Manager: Does it really take four of you?
Mickey: I have twelve officers at my disposal, Mr. Glencross. If I choose to, I will invite all of them.
Accounts Manager: Sorry, I didn’t mean -
Mickey: I’m perfectly well aware of what you meant: that as beaurocrats, we are somehow wasteful with resources, but if we were to find you’d underpaid your taxes, I think reclaiming that money and the resulting fines would be an excellent use of resources. Don’t you?

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