Monday, June 15, 2009

5.5 Politics

Summary and Spoilers

It was a successful scam – in fact, it was all too easy, and the team has gotten no satisfaction out of conning people that are so dense. They begin to dismantle the fake solicitors’ office when a legitimate client bursts in. He needs an injunction straightaway to stop the center he runs for troubled kids from being torn down. It would be easy enough to get rid of this guy, but Mickey sees the opportunity to help this man and punish the MP who is fast-tracking the demolition of historically important sites.

Sean goes inside to work in the office of the MP, Rona Christie; Albert plays the role of billionaire property developer J. J. Kayne; Emma infiltrates Kayne’s office and arranges a time when Christie can meet with Kayne (Albert) and his young trophy wife (Emma). All goes well; Christie takes the bait and the first part of the scam works. Mickey and Emma take a break that evening to have a romantic dinner. Things heat up between them, and they kiss at the table – and they are seen by Christie, who is dining in the same restaurant. But it’s all a way to get Christie to reveal how she launders funds. When she does, the team records her – and blackmails her into reversing the planned demolition of the centre.


Having read Bill Bryson’s book Notes From a Small Island, I share his disgust with the way the many historical landmarks in England have been torn down and replaced with monstrosities. This added a little personal connection to the team’s plan to nail the politician who was facilitating this crime against culture, history, and architecture.

A small but important side story in this episode involves Sean confronting Mickey about his intentions toward Emma. Sean is trying to protect her. Mickey can‘t help but smile as Sean gets more and more wound up, but he also assures Sean that he will always be honorable to Emma. Of course, this is setting Sean (and the audience) up for a big con later.

Hustle Quotes

Ash: Lack of discipline. These kids have never done a decent days work in their lives. Hard, manual labor, that’s what they need.
Emma: Is that what you did when they were their age, Ash?
Ash: Not a stroke, and look how I turned out.

Sean: Get this: I’ve just done a 12 hour day at work, yeah? What’s she go and do? She’s given me homework. Work to do at home after work.
Eddie: Alright, so, uh, difficulties with the old work/life balance then, eh?

Rona Christie: You bugged my office.
Sean: Well…I told you I was pro-active.

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