Thursday, June 4, 2009

5.2 New Recruits

Summary and Spoilers

Emma and Sean, the new recruits, are about to be severly tested in their first long con with Mickey and Ash. Emma and Mickey pose as PR experts to trap Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding, two obnoxious Intellectual Property thieves. First, Emma gets Wood and Fielding to install their theft prevention device on a high-priced painting at the Royal Gallery. To prove that the system is foolproof, the painting will not be insured. Now, Ash has to figure out how to break the system so that the team can steal it and force Wood and Fielding into bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the security system is unbeatable; Ash cannot find a way around the multiple sensors sown into the canvas itself. Refusing to give up, Mickey tells Ash just to get them in the building, and he’ll take care of stealing the painting.

Meanwhile, Sean is doubting his ability and wonders if he is a viable member of the team. When not drunk, he has shown glimpses of real talent.


Two-thirds of the way through this episode, I was thinking, "I love this episode! I just wish it wasn’t going to end!" But then the long and detailed heist segment kind of ruined it for me. All those shutting of alarms and creeping around stairwells aiming torches…that’s not grifting, that’s just stealing. The resolution, of course, tidied that up nicely, but of course I could see that coming a mile away. Still, I’m not saying that it wasn’t a good episode – the pacing was frenetic and the character dynamics are interesting with Mickey almost hitting on Emma.

One thing I do miss is Marc Warren’s gift for comedy. Adrian Lester has great presence and wonderful power and delivery, but he’s not so good at the light-hearted stuff. It looks like Matt DiAngelo is going to take over that mantle.

Memorable Moments

  • Ash as a Russian tourist and Emma as his very blonde trophy date/wife

Hustle Quotes

Mickey: So, what do you think of our new recruits?
Ash: She’s sharp as a bleedin’ scalpel. And she’s fit, which never hurts.

Emma: And do you always get emotionally involved with your marks?
Mickey: Well, if I don’t, it’s just about the money.
Emma: And that’s a bad thing.
Mickey: For me, yes it is.

Alright, alright, tell you what…call this an interim contract, okay? So, I promise to sign your contract if you stop being a nob."
- Carlton Wood

Wood: How do I know I can trust you – that you’ll return the painting to me?
Mickey: Because if I don’t, Spider’s Web will be discredited and Mrs. Fowler won’t get a penny, and unlike you I will not allow that to happen.

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