Monday, January 11, 2010

6.1 And This Little Piggy Had Money

Summary and Spoilers

Sir Edmund ‘Piggy’ Richardson is the mark: a banker who grabbed a big pension when his bank went under, while hundreds of underlings lost their jobs. Now Richardson wants to condult with other banks, and he think Albert is a headhunter. The team will get Piggy will transfer his assets on a one-way trip. But the con is threatened by a new threat: Lucy Britford, a hot-shot female detective who views Mickey as the ideal career-building scalp. Lucy is a cut above Mickey’s normal law-enforcement foe: she is anticipating – or correctly guessing - the team’s every move.


This episode could also be called, "Accents", as Emma (Australian) and Mickey (American, cockney) flash their talents.

If I was sharper I would have picked up on where the film-makers were scamming me! Although Piggy writes down ‘DCI Britford’, we never see who is on the other end of the phone line, nor do we see who is outfitting him with a wire – so we assume it is the real DCI Britford and her team.

Memorable Moments

  • Emma impersonating Kylie Minogue; there is such a natural resemblance that this is a no-brainer
  • Mickey switching accents from American to cockney

Hustle Quotes

Emma: Yeah, but there is one thing I don’t get.
Ash: What’s that?
Emma: I don’t even look like Kylie.

Mickey: Everyone I go after is a crook – one way or another. I simply see if they can take it - as well as dish it out.
Lucy Britford: Well said. But strictly speaking, it’s still illegal.

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