Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6.5 Conned Out of Luck

Summary and Spoilers

When Mickey gets conned into buying a useless phone via a website, he falls victim to a well-known con curse – he has lost his mojo, his luck. On the flip side, Eddie almost ordered the same phone from the same website, but didn’t because it looked too good to be true. Eddie’s luck has skyrocketed: business is booming, and he even has a stripper working in the bar with him. The gang (except for the skeptic Emma) is convinced that somehow, Mickey’s mojo has been transferred to Eddie.

The only way to reverse the curse is to con the people who sold Mickey the phone. In this case, it is an up-himself charicature named Mervyn Lloyd. He considers himself a visionary, but he’s just an opportunistic entrepreneur – an extremely obnoxious one. The con will be to convince Lloyd that Albert, the venture capitalist, is about to announce a groundbreaking new invention. Disgruntled former employee Sean will lead Lloyd into the trap and make him invest in this non-existent item.


Sir Richard Branson makes an appearance, playing himself, as an unwitting part of this elaborate con to establish Albert as someone who knows the big players.

Memorable Moments

  • Rosie’s (Lloyd’s undervalued assistant/slave) tiny giggle when she sees Lloyd has been conned

Hustle Quotes

"Well, that makes it official. Mickey’s lost his mojo."
- Ash

"As far as I’m concerned, moving forward, young is the new old."
- Mervyn Lloyd

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