Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6.6 The Hush Heist

Summary and Spoilers

The gang’s stock market con end abruptly when the mark turns out to be a detective inspector. They’ve been targeted by MI6 operative Jennifer Hughes (who is a mate of Mickey’s foe DCI Lucy Britford) to break into a Syrian bank and steal something of high value to the government, in exchange for their freedom. What’s more, they can keep whatever else they find in the twin bank vaults. Mickey agrees, which frees the gang to begin planning the robbery. But at the same time, Mickey is trying to figure out a way to double-cross Britford’s collaborators. He needs to keep a step ahead of them, because, as he suspected, Hughes plans to re-arrest the gang and charge them with bank robbery.


About halfway through this episode, I just had a very strange twisted thought: is Mickey orchestrating another con on Britford? Is Jennifer Hughes not who she says she is – is she actually in cahoots with Mickey?

Memorable Moments

  • The exciting, well-executed, classic bank heist, with a few Hustle twists

Hustle Quotes

Jennifer: Lucy was right about you being a charmer. You know she wanted to screw you.
Mickey: We don’t always get what we want.

Jennfer: Wait. If you already had this [the blackmail tape], why go ahead with the robbery?
Mickey: That part’s easy. You see, there were six bags, not five. Call it a payment for services rendered.

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