Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6.4 The Father of Jewels

Summary and Spoilers

Sean bows out in the middle of a switch con, leaving the mark with 50 thousand dollars of the gang’s money, because of a very good reason: the sudden appearance of his dad. If you recall Sean and Emma’s backstory, this is the same dad who left them when Sean was three and Emma five. The difference is, Sean still carries a major grudge. His plan is to con his dad out of 79 thousand pounds – as long as he can run the con. Emma, on the other hand, says that is in the past and she holds no ill feelings. It’s up to Mickey to release her inhibitions.

The con, as planned by Sean, is over-complicated (and real fun to observe). The team is going to convince Rex Kennedy (Sean and Emma’s dad) that there is buried treasure under the property he is about to sell. But a twist occurs that messes with Sean’s mind. The con is being handled immaculately, with one problem: his dad, instead of hording the treasure for himself, keeps feeding information to Sean to make sure that Sean gets his fair share of the treasure.


This is by far the best episode in a long time: clever and emotional, with great opportunities for everyone in the cast to show their talents. Even Eddie has a small but pivotal role. And in a wonderful tie-up, Sean’s original mis-step – where he neglects to switch cases – it negated with his father, where the entire gang participates in a major case switch.

Memorable Moments

  • Everyone eating cake

Hustle Quotes

Sean: Seriously, all this has brought one thing home to me: you know, I could have spent my entire life thinking about a family I missed out on when the whole time, my real family, the people I care about –
Emma: We got you an X-Box as well.
Mickey: Please give it to him before he finishes that speech.

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