Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6.3 Tiger Troubles

Summary and Spoilers

When a mark dies, that’s usually enough bad news, but this time it’s much worse. The mark’s brother, Czech Charlie (a known violent type), wants the results of the convincer – 500 thousand pounds. On the good side, the gang have until the end of the week to get it.


This is a simpler, well-structured plot and con. It’s also a strong idea to have Albert’s life or death dependent on the team pulling off the theft. The weak point in the plot is of course how easy it was for the gang to switch the real tiger with the fake one. One would imagine that when the tiger was about to be moved, there would be a huge group of guards assigned to stay very close, since obviously this is when the item is at its most vulnerable.

Memorable Moments

  • The entire cast has a turn at interacting one on one with the stuffed tiger

Hustle Quotes

Emma: I was just so busy ogling the architecture.
Baincross: Yes. I see what you mean.

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