Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6.2 The Thieving Mistake

Summary and Spoilers

‘Liability’ Finch latches on to the gang and tries to get them to rescue him from his teeny predicament. It seems he has partially stolen a valuable van Gogh. He thought he was fetching it for a Russian art lover, but it’s more likely that it is for a Russian mafia lover, seeing as the Russian has threatened to park a truck on him if he does not deliver. Mickey is cold and logical, refusing to help, despite Ash’s ambivilence and Sean’s outright disgust at not coming to the aid of a fellow con man. A gung-ho customs agent, Davis, forces Mickey’s hand, trading Sean’s jail term for a promise from the gang to retrieve the painting and clean out Finch as well.


Your appreciation of this episode will depend on how much leeway you are willing to grant for the plausibility of the over-convoluted con, and how charming you find guest-star Mark Benton (Finch), who gets heaps of screen time.

Hustle Quotes

"Because we’re professionals; because we don’t like prison; and because we don’t work with anyone who has ‘liability’ in their name."
- Mickey, explaining the reasons why they will not work with Finch

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