Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3.3 Whittaker Our Way Out

James Whittaker Wright III, an American grifter who claims to be the great-grandson of a famous con artist, contacts the team and hustles Danny and Ash before proposing a merger to swindle the London Stock Exchange. With the big money a temptation, the team agrees, even though they know Wright will try to double-cross them.


This is another good episode, marred (or improved) by its large doses of lesson-giving on the workings of the stock market. It’s also a good example of an episode where the con doesn’t work out happily ever after.

Memorable Moments

  • The segments filmed to look like silent movies (complete with Adrian Lester doing his own take on Charlie Chaplin)
  • Stacie doing a Matrix-style kick to a banker’s head

Quotable Quotes

Mickey: Finally, we need someone to front the company.
Albert: Ideally, we need a person who’s  completely obnoxious.
James: A brash, ignorant flash-Harry.
Mickey: Yeah, a mouthy, full-of-himself, know-nothing barrow boy who’ll instantly get right up the toffee noses of every banker in the city.
Danny: (to himself, while obliviously playing a hand-held video game) Get in there!

Mickey: So are you and JW3 ready to play the part of the foolish investors?
Albert: Are there any other kind?

"You are coming to me with a big ask…a very big ask."
- Ash (stopping to look at a pole dancer’s bottom)

"There are a lot of different stories about what happened to James Whiataker Wright after his adventures in the city. I don’t really know that the truth is, but I’d like to think that somewhere along the way, he found his own little piece of grifting heaven."
- Albert (as Mickey Bricks / Charlie Chaplin and Stacie walk off into the sunset)

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