Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3.4 The Bollywood Con

The mark is Kolvindar Sumar,  an arrogant sweatshop owner with a love of Indian cinema, whose own dreams of acting were squashed by his father. The con is to get him to invest in a factitious Bollywood movie. But when Danny crashes the limo, Sumar’s temporary amnesia allows the team to attempt the impossible – conning the same mark twice.


This is a fun episode. It’s got the typical elements of a con, with a great twist, and some fantastic Bollywood recreation.

When Danny has to make believe he is Brad Pitt on the phone, Stacie punches up the Internet Movie Database to help him answer questions. That’s just what I would have done.

How does the team reconcile their ‘code’ of never conning an honest man with all the ‘short cons’ they have done, to random people, to get money to fund their supposed moral long cons?

Memorable Moments

  • Danny imitating Brad Pitt (even while on the toilet)
  • The Bollywood segment

Quotable Quotes

Danny: Uh, not being funny ‘ere, kids. Last time we did the movie investor con, I got shot.
Mickey: Well, don’t worry, Danny, if anybody’s gonna to pull the trigger this time, it’ll be one of us.

"We can show those little piss-takers that Danny is not a complete idiot."
- Danny, talking to his seedlings

Stacie: You know, this is a whole new side of you I haven’t seen before. I quite like it!
Danny: What, uh…enough to get your kit off?
Stacie: Hmmm…you just can’t help yourself, can you?
Danny: (to his seedlings) Ignore her. She’s got issues.

Mickey: Hey…find me any elephant!
Danny: Elephant?
Mickey: Problem?
Danny: You want African or Indian?
(Mickey looks scornfully)
Danny: Indian…I knew that.

Alfred: It’s strange, though. Sumar seems…different.
Mickey: How so?
Alfred: Well…less obnoxious.
Mickey: Hmm…I’ve found that.
Danny: Maybe he’s forgotten he’s an arsehole.

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