Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3.2 The Henderson Challenge

There’s a day to kill in the current long con, and the Mickey/Danny rivalry has racheted up a couple of notches. Albert proposes ‘The Henderson Challenge’, a traditional way of solving in-gang challenges to the leader. Danny and Mickey will be dropped off, naked, in the middle of London at noon, with six hours to return to base. The one with the most spoils will win.


Mickey’s solution – to do a long con, and to make Danny the mark – is priceless.

Is this just coincidence, or did someone purposely place a triangle-shaped martini glass on the table, then have Stacie walk around behind it, so it is exactly in front of her ‘nether regions’? (17.12)

I question the decision to reveal that Mickey is quite happy for Danny to challenge – and take over – leadership, and to reveal that Danny is quite happy for Mickey to be leader. The tension between those two, whether real or imagined, has always been integral to the show. The final scene, where Danny almost grovels, is a little painful to watch, and doesn’t really seem in character. However, it does change the dynamic of the team and make them more united behind a central leader, which is a welcome character arc on a show where the characters could have become charicatures.


I don’t understand why the leadership of a team dedicated to pulling long cons should be the winner of this contest, which, due to its 6 hour nature, will consist solely of short cons. Funnily enough, I came to this conclusion about 2 minutes before Danny did. And, of course, Mickey’s solution is to do a long con anyway.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny and Mickey dumped naked in what Ash calls, "…a nice quiet corner", but what looks to me like Trafalgar Square
  • Danny’s chuffed to have progressed to wearing gardener’s clothes and packing 50 quid, until he spies Mickey cruise by wearing a suit and sitting in the back of a stretch limo

Quotable Quotes

Danny: Can I ask you something?
Mickey: Nooo!
Danny: I mean, unless I’m missing something, you don’t seem to get much in the way of female company.
Mickey: I do alright.
Danny: When?
Mickey: When I’m as far away from you as possible.
Danny: Alright, that makes sense. I mean, they aint gonna want to shag you, once they’ve seen me, are they?
Mickey: Shut up, Danny.

Mickey: Hey, if you want to be leader for awhile, go ahead.
Danny: Yeah?
Mickey: Danny…Ladies and gentlemen, Danny.
Danny: Uh, right, first things first – sleeping arrangements.

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