Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3.1 Be My Eminem

When Albert’s targeted mark has a heart attack, he switches to a rough, rude pub owner who likes to smuggle Eastern Europeans into Great Britain and beat up anyone who gets in his way. The con is to convince his rapping son that Danny is  big music producer.


The cons are unbelievable, and they are obviously performed with careful editing, not slick sleight of hand (which will probably annoy some viewers who want more realism). But hey, when you see Adrian Lester flash his ultra-charming smile after conning a selfish drug dealer, I can’t help but feel good. Damn good.

This is an enjoyable, ultra-slick episode. The creators have shown no signs of slowing down at all. The one criticism I have is that the problem that occurred – where Albert’s original mark is related to Albert’s new mark – was easy to read.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny singing ‘Rawhide’ with an American accent
  • A slickly filmed sequence with Mickey as a rap artist and Stacie as his girl, walking the red carpet

Quotable Quotes

"I mean, ‘ow am I supposed to work with people like this, eh? I’m an artist."
- Danny

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