Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2.6 Eye of the Beholder

Mickey’s personal dream to try to steal the Crown Jewels – the first attempt in  over 300 years – takes shape as the team agrees to give it a try. But when the outsider they have hired to arrange bids for the jewels is arrested, he lets the police in on the team’s plans.


In a nice touch of continuity, the female detective inspector who was conned in the very first episode of Hustle (The Con is On) returns here, back on the case, with revenge in her sights.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny impersonating Tom Cruise
  • Ash snapping a photo of Mickey mid-robbery

Quotable Quotes

"I’m too pretty to go to prison. I’ll never get any sleep."
- Danny

Mickey: Where you been?
Danny: The nice custody sergeant…he let me use his phone. (referring to his scam to earn money each time someone rings his phone)

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