Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2.5 Old Aquaintance

The team’s planned con is cancelled, and the mark is changed, when Stacie’s thieving ex-husband shows up unexpectedly.


This episode has its moments, although it probably spends too much time focussed on the relationship between Stacie and Jake.

Memorable Moments

  • The speechless clerks, victims of a slick con pulled off by Mickey and the ‘pregnant’ Stacie at a jewelers, where they leave an expensive ‘borrowed’ poodle and a brick-filled suitcase that looks just like the cash-filled one they flashed earlier

Quotable Quotes

Stacie: Apart from a few thoughtful touches, he took everything that mattered to me – even my home.
Danny: Bastard!
Stacie: Oh he left me a Phil Collins CD that wasn’t even mine.
Danny: Twisted bastard!

Stacie: Did you have to walk past the receptionist like that?
Danny: (wearing full wetsuit) Yes, I did. I did get her phone number, though.

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