Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2.4 Missions

A corrupt female detective, tipped off to the team by Eddie, uses blackmail to take a bigger and bigger cut of their latest artwork switcheroo scam. But the team may have something else in store for her.


Having just watched The Lesson, I wasn’t having a bar of the surface level of this con. Sure enough, everyone – including Eddie, who appears to take a beating – is in on getting the last laugh on the despicable detective.

To everyone’s surprise, not only does Stacie stop ‘the Geek’ from bidding on the forgery, but she also goes out on another date with him.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny showing how ‘easy’ it is to switch the real artwork with the forgery

Quotable Quotes

Danny: Do you think she’s fit?
Mickey: Oh, don’t -
Danny: Wha?
Mickey: - even think about it.

Detective: Who woulda thought it, eh? The great Mickey Bricks taking the easy option.
Danny: Ha, ha.
Mickey: Ha, ha, yeah, that’s good, that’s good, coming from a parasite like you.

Detective: I’ll take your phones, too, just in case you attempt to make any arrangements behind my back.
Danny: I would give it, but, I mean, me Nan said she might call today – she gets very lonely…Yeah…if me Nan calls, just, um, tell her I’ll come and see her tomorrow.

Danny: Kids, eh? Who’d have ‘em, eh?
Female Clerk: I’ve got four.
Danny: Great. I love ‘em. They…as good lookin’ as their mum?

Eddie: She’s this bent D.I. She caught Billy and his crew gambling down here, you know? They were playing poker. She wants 10 grand or I’ll lose me license, and I could lose everything, Mick.
Mickey: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Danny: Yeah…is she fit?

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