Monday, February 4, 2008

4.5 Raw Con

After a successful con of a Japanese businessman, the team tempts fate and goes against the Grifter Code by attempting the same basic con again, this time with a mark roved by Billy. Just as expected, things do turn bad when the first mark’s son, bent on revenge, holds the team hostage and insists they play russian roulette with five pieces of fugu (blowfish), one of which has been lethally tainted with blowfish poison.


The episode opens with a con involving a Japanese businessman, convinced to launder foreign cash that is ‘skimmed’ by a banker who deals in international monetary exchange. The Jamaican Switch is then used to grab the suitcase of money. This same con was used by Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell in the movie Matchstick Men (2004).

There’s a long set piece where a revengeful young Japanese man makes the team eat poison fish. This overlong scene redeems itself because, in season 4, and with only one episode to go, I felt it was conceivable that Albert was going to die.

Memorable Moments

  • Stacie as a geisha

Quotable Quotes

"Excuse me. You talk about honour – what a big deal it is – and you’re about to kill a woman and an old man – sorry, Albie."
- Stacie

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