Monday, February 4, 2008

4.4 The Secrets Inside

As the team gets ready to con a woman who has been swindling various charities, Billy is accepted and is asked to be the inside man. But Billy hides a secret from his past: he used to be a drug dealer.


The upside to Adrian Lester leaving the show is that the other cast members get to flex their muscles. In this episode, Albert is, for all intents and purposes, the leader, Stacie is the roper, and Billy is the inside man.

After a few weaker episodes, the writing is back to the best in this installment, thanks to the prose of Colin Bytheway.

Danny’s character has calmed down in this episode and has a lot more depth, rather than being hyperactive and stupid, with glimpses of brilliance. He’s much more believable now, and it’s a natural character arc for a guy who is starting to feel comfortable as the leader.

Memorable Moments

  • To impress upon the mark that Stacie is a good friend with inaccessible designer Lu Chu, Ash surreptitiously steals Lu Chu’s bracelet, then slips it to Stacie. When Stacie walks over to Lu Chu, Chu gives her a big hug
  • Ash cons Eddie with a drinking con: Ash says he can drink three large beers before Eddie can drink 5 shots, with the condition that they cannot touch each other’s glasses. What happens: Ash finishes one of his beers in time to place the large empty glass upside down over the remaining full and untouched Eddie shot glass!
  • Stacie, Ash, and Albert as catwalk models

Quotable Quotes

Eddie: Is that supposed to be French?
Ash: Classic Normandy, with a nod to the Loire region.
Eddie: Classic Clouseau, more like.

Stacie: So, does this [car] turn into a pumpkin at midnight?
Albert: No, my dear, it turns into a felony.

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