Monday, February 4, 2008

4.1 If I Were King

With Mickey away on Sabbatical in Australia to sell the Sydney Opera House, the team takes on a new mark: a Texan with a penchant for collecting movie memorabilia - and Danny is extra-keen to prove he’s just as good or better than Mickey ever was.


The big news is that Adrian Lester (Mickey) has left the show. This is a huge loss, as his casual air and ability to be suave, yet vulnerable, will be sorely missed. He has not been replaced in the team.

Robert Wagner guest-stars as the mark, in an homage to his grifter work on the American television show Switch. He does a good job here of being amiable and trusting, so much so that it’s hard to see what is coming when he plays dirty again.

Because it is a Hollywood-themed show, the writers included a number of quotes from movies and television series, including Star Trek,Pulp Fiction, and The Wizard of Oz.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny and Ash doing some Pulp Fiction dialogue

Quotable Quotes

"Never trust Australians, tellin’ ya. They’re all descended from crooks."
- Danny

"Look, gang! We should’t be talkin’ like this, beaten before we start! We are grifters! I mean, we should dream the impossible dream! Win the unbeatable fight. Defeat the undefeatable foe! Go boldly where no man has gone before!"
- Danny

Ash: You know, we’re gonna get the leader thing at the end of this.
Albert: Listen, if he pulls this off, he deserves it.
Ash: But we can tease him for a bit longer first, can’t we?
Albert: Absolutely.

Albert: You’ve come a long way.
Danny: Just one question: if I was leader, do you think Stacie would shag me?

"Well, it was different when Mickey was here, wasn’t it? We always knew everything would come good."
- Stacie (expressing my sentiments exactly)

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