Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3.6 The Ghost

A successful con of an Aussie broker turns sour when the police arrive ahead of Mickey at the team’s apartment, and the suitcase that should have been full of money is instead loaded with cocaine. It’s a setup engineered by corrupt detective Matthew York, who demands that the team entrap his least favorite criminal, Adam Rice.


There’s no doubt that the team is going to be one step ahead of the evil detective, and it’s great to anticipate how many pegs he is going to be taken down. But the episode is just a little weaker than some of the better ones, due to a little too much time creeping through the dark haunted house and scaring each other, especially Danny, who is turning into more goofball than con artist. And the con is overly ambitious. It took almost five minutes to explain how they did it at the end. Still, there are some very entertaining moments, and some very funny Danny-delivered lines.


When York refused to release Albert, I was surprised that Mickey didn’t propose a prisoner swap, so that another member of the team could temporarily take Albert’s place whilst Albert did what he needed to do. I’m not sure if York would have gone for it, but it would have been worth asking.

When the guard and the Alsatian are walking the perimeter, Mickey whispers, "Down!" and the team lays face down on the ground. Granted, they are approximately 100 metres away, but an Alsatian would use smell and hearing (especially at night) to detect intruders, and it is mostly unbelievable that the dog does not realize they are there.

Memorable Moments

  • Danny pointing a gun at Mickey
  • Mickey and Danny sky-diving
  • Mickey throwing Danny out of the plane, then guffawing with joy

Quotable Quotes

Stacie: Mmmm, I think cash is so sexy!

Graham: You know who I am?
Danny: Why? You’ve forgotten?

"I resign! I don’t want to be a grifter anymore! I want to be a postman!"
- Danny, ready to jump

Ash (to Adam, whilst walking down street): And, you haven’t said how you’re getting through the perimeter fence.
(scene cuts to interior of plane)
Danny: I should have guessed.
Adam: Relax, Danny! We’re going in low to get accuracy!
Danny: Well…why don’t we land the plane, and be really accurate!

"Well, I think he’s, you know, gay. Seriously, I mean, you don’t get skin like that without using moisturiser."
- Danny, trying to convince Stacie about Adam

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