Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2.2 Confessions

Albert deals poorly with the loss of an old grifter friend, while the team targets a ruthless former con who wants to share his fortune with his long-missing son.


Adrian Lester has a beautiful voice. Like Patrick Stewart, he can take mediocre dialogue and make it sound like Shakespeare.

Robert Glenisher (Ash) gets to flex his acting muscle a bit more in this episode, playing an obnoxious music industry executive.

Robert Vaughn makes a great transformation from distraught (throughout much of the episode) to suave (in the last scene).

Memorable Moments

  • Danny and Stacie’s simulated sex scene (while Mickey listens and laughs in the next room), and the strange aftermath
  • Keyes’ moving death scene, where he asks Danny to forgive him
  • Ash takes a fall in front of the cab driver’s taxi to get Gill’s ring back for Albert

Quotable Quotes

"God made a garden for man and woman, and he told them, ‘Do not eat the fruit from that tree.’ A serpent visited the woman and offered her an apple from the tree. He told her the apple would give her knowledge. He was very persuasive. And mankind has been paying the price ever since, all because we were tempted by something we didn’tneed. The serpent…was the first grifter."
- Mickey (opening lines)

Danny: Now why don’t you ask me what your’re gagging to ask me.
Mickey: Oh…no, I don’t have to. I know you two were faking last night.
Danny and Stacie (in unison): Why?
Mickey: It’s a common mistake, but…no one has that good a time of it.

"As zombies roles go, it’s great. You get to eat Amanda Donohoe."
- Albert

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