Monday, January 21, 2008

2.1 Gold Mine

When an old-time grifter is caught in the act of scamming by a cut-throat property developer, Danny decides to take the challenge of outsmarting this very savvy mark. Is his grift-sense enough to triumph against the odds, or is he leading the team to failure?


Danny has (at least) three mobile phones; each is marked on the back with the faux profession he has given out for that number: ‘doctor’, ‘pilot’, and ‘spy’.

(Major Spoiler Alert) The clever ending tricked me. I was fully expecting that the ‘real’ soil testers that arrived were actually con men hired by Mickey as a backup. The real con (to have Ash fire gold-loaded shotgun shells into the test area) was unexpected.


Ash creates a website for the confidential property development project that the mark glances at while in Mickey’s office. Next, we see the mark looking at Ash’s website. How did he find it? Usually, it takes time for a website to be included in a search engine database – it wouldn’t be in there the same day or the next day.

Memorable Moments

  • Just to get you back in the groove, season two begins with a long, mostly slo-mo sequence of the gang scamming their way directly from the airport, into a chauffer-driven limo meant for someone else, and into a luxury hotel room
  • Albert teaching Danny about ‘cold reading’
  • Stacie wearing her ‘Jerry Lewis’ teeth

Quotable Quotes

"Right, listen, it’s been fun, innit? And I’m gonna call you, just like I promised. How’s your head? That’s alright, listen, I’ll call engineering, I’ll get that soap dispenser moved down a little bit, it’s dangerous, could have your eye out."
- Danny, summing up his hour with a couple of airline stewardesses

Albert: Cold-read him. Learn everything you can before you say a word.
Danny: Cold what?
Albert: You do know about ‘cold reading’.
Danny: Oh…cold reading.
Albert: Yeah.
Danny: Yeah, I know about cold reading, yeah.
Albert: Well, how ‘bout a little…refresher course.
Danny: Well, if you’ve got time, I mean…yes, please.

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