Monday, January 21, 2008

1.5 A Touch of Class

The team decide to con a vengeful woman who recently pushed her husband over the limit in their war of the roses by having his favorite dog put down while he was on holiday. But when Mickey gets to know her better, he discovers that she may have been the real victim, and seduced by her charms, he changes the mark to her husband.

Meanwhile, Mickey discovers that Ash’s ex-wife June is seriously deteriorating after staging two many cons consisting of jumping in front of moving cars.


Adrian Lester has got to be one of the coolest guys in the world.

Memorable Moments

  • Mickey’s told-you-so smile to the camera when Mrs Winterborn asks him out to dinner

Quotable Quotes

"That was fun. I haven’t run like that since 1972."
- Albert

Danny: Well, I can’t pay for sex.
Hooker: Why not?
Danny: Because…’cause I’m…ya know…me…ya know…I don’t…it’s not…I’m…not a…payer…for sexer.

Danny: Alright, but I mean it, listen? No one is to know anything about this.
Ash: Cheers, Danny.
Stacie: Eddie! Danny pays for sex!

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