Monday, January 21, 2008

1.2 Faking It

When Albert is caught cheating in a card game and is beaten up by a ruthless casino owner, Mickey assembles the crew to for a revenge con. Meanwhile, Mickey also has to deal with the request of a divorce from his wife.


Marc Warren’s nuanced turn as Danny features subtle movements and looks that keep us wondering if this man is dedicated to the team or always about to betray them.


At one point, the mark looks at a ‘Jennifer Cole’ website. How did the team accomplish this? I suppose it’s possible that when they fed him a doctored copy of his regular movie magazine, they could have put the link in there, then created the website themselves. That part is believable, but hopefully he isn’t a regular internet user, or he might do an Internet Movie Database search for ‘Jennifer Cole’ and get suspicious when there are no matches!

Memorable Moments

  • While trying to pull the big con, time is stopped and Mickey is able to give advice to Danny (everyone else in the room except Mickey is frozen in time). Then, Mickey and Danny proceed into a song and dance routine, and even the mark joins in. I assume this was a little reference to ‘giving the con a song and dance’
  • Not only do they scam the mark out of 2 grand, but they also get him to apologize to Albert (by videotaping him while he is supposedly reading lines from a script for faux actress Jennifer Cole)

Quotable Quotes

"I’ve gone from soulmate to obstacle so fast I think I’m getting a nosebleed."
- Mickey to his wife

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